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Fighting for women's rights!!!!

Would we need an International Day to stop Violence Against Women if there wasn't any violence? Obviously not. According to Amnesty International, 1 in 3 women will be raped, abused or beaten in her lifetime. This is such a high figure as almost half of all women in the world could suffer this kind of violence. The day against gender violence is celebrated on 25th November, since in 1990 in Latin America three sisters were murdered by order of the dictator Leónidas, because they were against his dictatorship. Since then America has celebrated this day and some time later Europe also started to celebrate it. Every day we can see on the news girls who have been mistreated by their boyfriends or even, women who have been murdered by their husbands. Today lots of men treat women as they want. They say to them what they have to do, how they have to dress, who they can talk to or where they can or can't go. This is so terrible! The further we are from these people, the better for all of us. Currently, we carry on fighting for women's rights as, although there is much more equality between men and women, there is still some inequality. For instance, in a same work, men earn more money than women. Moreover, there are certain works that are exclusive for men, which I consider a nonsense.

Chapecoense: History of a tragedy and a miracle

Chapecoense, whose club's full name is Associação Chapecoense de Futebol, is a Brazilian football team which was founded in 1973. Chapecoense is based in the town of Chapeco in the State of Santa Catarina in the south of Brazil, approximately 450km from Port Alegre. The ACF won the state champioship, the Campeonato Catarinense, for the first time in 1972. It has won five state championships so far and they entered Brazil's top division, Serie A, for the first time in 2014. Last 28th November Chapecoense's football players and other staff were flying in a plane which suffered a terrible accident, as they had to play the final of the South American Coup. According to the UK Mirror, the plane crashed because of lack of fuel. However, the UK Daily Mail said that the cause of the plane crash is still undetermined. Telegraph said electrical problems might have caused the problem. Only five or six of eighty people survived to this tragedY, including some of the players. I reckon it's such a sad notice. However, everybody only talks of the tragedy since football players have died, but if there hadn't been a football team on the plane, no one would have spoken of this accident.

domingo, 27 de noviembre de 2016


The bottle flip challenge, as its name suggests, is a challenge which consists in turning a bottle of water to make it land upright on its bottom. This challenge has become very famous in the latest months. The bottle of water must be half empty, if not, it will be very difficult to overcome the challenge.

The challenge began in social networks like Instagram or Twitter among the teenagers who made videos trying to put up a bottle, and soon, it became viral around the world. I reckon that anyone knows exactly who created the challenge, but it is said that it was created accidentally by Mike Senatore when he was on a talent show and since then, other people have started to imitate him.

In my opinion the water bottle flip challenge is so funny and anyone can do it! However, not everyone can do such awesome tricks with the bottle as I've seen in the video. 

Apart from this amazing challenge, which has already gone out of style, there are other ones. Actually, the challenge that is on the top right now is the 'Mannequin Challenge', where people remain frozen in action like mannequins while a video is being recorded, usually with the song 'Black Beatles' by Rae Sremmurd playing in the background. 

Resultado de imagen de WATER BOTTLE FLIP

And here's a video of the 15 best mannequin challenges:

domingo, 20 de noviembre de 2016


I've been to the British-Irish Isles twice. The last time I went was this year, in March. Exactly, on 14th March. I went with my schoolmates as it was a study trip orgaized by Albert, our English teacher. Dublin, which is the capital of Ireland, was our destination. We spent about a week in this beautiful city.

As soon as we arrived in Dublin, we went to the meeting point where our host families were waiting for us. During this incredible week, we did lots of things like going to museums, visiting the most important places of the city, going shopping, but surely, the day I loved the most was Saint Patrick's Day when all of us dressed up in Green clothes even our hair. It was such a great day!

It was the day that we had to leave Dublin and we returned to Spain. We were checking in our baggage when suddenly someone told us that we couldn't board. We didn't know what to do. We had to wait for several hours, praying that we could get on the plane. We all got so nervous that some of us started to cry.

Finally, thaks to the agency,we were put up in a hotel during two days. I reckon they were the best days of the trip as we had a lot of fun in the hotel and we also ate free. So all in all, I could say that it was an active trip, rather than a relaxing trip, as I thought it was going to be.

domingo, 16 de octubre de 2016


A 'YouTuber' is anyone who makes videos on YouTube, which is the most visited website in the world. However, we usually call 'Youtuber' to the person who has gaigned popularity from making videos on this platform, that is to say, who has lots of subscribers. So we can say that to being a YouTuber is a new profession.

This people start to upload videos for several reasons such as making money, becoming famous, transmitting knowledge or simply, having fun. The most famous youtubers started to upload videos years ago and didn't intend to make any money. They made videos to share them with their friends and to hang out, because they loved doing them. It was later when YouTube started to pay money to these people and actually, many people make videos only to make money.

On average, 85% of teenagers in Spain watch YouTube and most of them would like to meet their idolds. It isn't easy to find one in the Street, but it's not imposible, either. Last San Juan my friends and I met Zeus Santorini, who is a youtuber, and we took a photo with him. How fantastic it was!
Some of them, like Wismichu or AuronPlay organize shows around Spain. Others organize meetings and greet people in certain events or sign books since lots of them have already written a book.

'Clickbait' is a technique used by some Youtubers to have more visits. It consists in putting a tittle or a miniature misleading people to watch the video.

Resultado de imagen de wismichu auron etc


Resultado de imagen de VAN GOGHTo begin with,I'm going to talk about who Vicent Van Gogh was.
Vicent William Van Gogh was born on 30th March, 1853 and he died on 29th July, 1890. Van Gogh, who was a Dutch Post-Impressionist painter, is maybe one of the most famous figures in the history of Western Art. He created around 2,100 artworks in just 10 years in which he included landscapes, still lives, portraits, and self portraits.This painter also contributed to the foundation of modern art, which is an artistic movement during the period extending from 1960 to 1970.

If we went back to his childhood, we would see that Van Gogh had painted since he was two years old. He was serious, quiet and thoughful. However, he showed signs of mental instability, but he had never worried about this until he started to suffer psychotic episodes and delusion. In my opinion he wasn't too worried about it as he continued drinking heavily and not eating properly. His friendship with Gauguin, who was a French artist, ended when Van Gogh threatened him with a razor, and in a rage, cut off part of his own left ear. Afterwards, Van Gogh was admitted in a psychiatric hospital in Saint- Rémy until his condition stabilised, but just some time after leaving the hospital, on 27th July 1890, he shot hymself in the chest with a revolver as his brother a few weeks before told him thathe couldn't support him financially any longer. Van Gogh died definetely on 29th July from his injures.


Summer is time to have fun with your friends, to go out all the day, to do exercise or simply to relax while you read a book. In conclusion, summer is the time when we don't have to worry about anything. I reckon all summers are similar, that is to say, we usually do the same things, as going to the beach, to the swimming pool, etc. But this summer has had something different. A new game has been created and it's called 'Pokemon go'.

Resultado de imagen de IMAGENES POKEMON GOPokemon Go is about capturing Pokemons from your mobile phone. The innovation of this game is that you must walk to capture them, so Gamers have had to get up from their chairs and go out to play this game. There are also 'Pokeparadas' where you can find 'Pokeballs' and 'PokeGyms', where you can train your pokemon and be the King of the gym. I think there is one thing that none of my xclassmates has commented. It's that there are three teams: Mystic, which is the blue team. Instinct, which is the yellow team and finally, the read team which is called Team Valor. In my opinion, it's a great game and it's very funny. Lots of people say: What a boring game it is! Most people also say that we are wasting our time playing it, but I don't think so at all. Every Sunday in summer I went with my friends to the beach and we played Pokemon Go and I have to say that thanks to this game we have met a lot of new very nice people. In addition, there were many times when we were looking for certain pokemon and boys that had already found them told us where they were, so Pokemon Go players aren't a group of antisocial people. They are great people who love pokemon. However, there are people who are very crazy and they have died because of the game,as they wanted to capture them in dangerous places or they crossed a roadwithout looking.

In my opinion, this game became very popular as Youtubers played it. For example, LuzuGames, a youtuber who spent about 15 hours in the Pier of Santa Monica(The Angels)catching Magikarps to envolve them in a Gyarados. There are also another one who has lost weight, so that's another of its advantages. However, there are already some tricks like FAKE GPS, an app which is in the app store and which you can travel with around the world without leaving home.
Nowadays, the game isn’t as popular as before, so I don’t play it any longer, but there are still people who keep on playing. For example, yesterday evening I saw a group of children playing. I think I will always remember it!

domingo, 2 de octubre de 2016


                                                                                                         52 GRANADA STREET
                                                                                                          10th September, 2016

Dear Valeria,

                I'm writing to you because we haven't talked for ages. How are you in England? How are things there? I hope you're fine. The summer has already finished and classes are starting. How sad I feel! This summer has been amazing! In June, I went to Madrid with my family and we visited Madrid's most important places. In addition, we went to the Warner Bros, which is a theme park. We had a lot of fun there! The rest of the summer I have gone to the beach and to the swimming pool almost every day. I really love swimming. On the contrary, on winter I don't usually practice it.

               As I said before, on 15th September we are starting classes. I reckon this year I'm going to study more and I'm going to do all my homework, because I want to get high marks as I'm in 1º Bachillerato,  and I want to get the b2 in English and the b1 in French. However, I also want to go out with my friends in the afternoons. This year I'm going to start to do contemporary dancing which is another of my interests. I still don't know the timetable, but I think I will practice it twice a week. I real love dancing. For that reason I want to learn. I think it will be very funny since I will meet new people. Don't you think so?

                Apart from dancing and swimming, I have taken up other interests since you went to England, as going shopping or watching YouTube. I would say that the interest I like the most is watching videos in YouTube. I spend about three hours a day, listening to music or watching videos from youtubers like el Rubius, Auron Play, Wismichu, etc. I watch YouTube even if I'm having lunch. Do you know who the Rubius is, Valeria? He has over 20,000,000 subscribers. I don't know what else I can tell you. I hope you read this letter and, please, write me soon.


Maria Jose.

domingo, 24 de abril de 2016


First, I'm going to talk about Stephen Hawking. Hawking is an English theoretical physicist cosmologist, author and Director of Research at the Centre for Theorethical Cosmology within the University of Cambridge. He has a rare early-onset, slow-progressing form of amytrophic lateral sclerosis. Nowadays, he can only move his eyes and he talks through a computer. Stephen Hawking is backing a project by Yuri Milner, who is a billonaire, supported by Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg. The project is to send tiny spacecraft to another star system within a generation. But why do they want to do this? Astronomers believe that there is a reasonable chance of a planet like the Earth orbiting one of the stars in the Alpha Centauri System. The organisation 'Mr Milner's Break through Foundation' has brought together a group of scientists to ask them if it might be possible to develop spaceships capable of travelling to another star. They say that the nearest star system is 40 trillion km far away, so using current technology it would take about 30,000 years to get there, but they also say that with a little more research and development it might be possible to get there in o30 years.

jueves, 18 de febrero de 2016


In one hand, I think they should provide everyone with free medical care, because in Spain we have to pay the 'Social Security' and thanks to it, we have free medical care and medicines cost less. But there are por people who can't be hospitalized or attend by a doctor. There are also other countries such as England that provide complete free health care for their citizens, so the death reates are lower and it's easier to prevent diseases.

On the contrary, if the government provides free medical care for everyone, Spain will be a chaos. Foreigners from all parts of the world will came to Spain to be treated.

In conclusion, I reckon that we should have free medical care for the people who haven't enough any money to pay the 'Social Security'

Pau Gasol in the All-Star 2016 game in Toronto!!

Some articles to read:

Pau Gasol Sáez is a Spanish professional basketaball player who plays for the Chicago Bulls of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Jimmy Butter is Chicago Bulls swingman. Currently, he has got a strained left knee, so he will miss three or four weeks. The NBA has announced that Bulls big man Pau Gasol will take the place of Butler in the All-Star Game. Pau is very lucky because it's the sixth time that he has gone to this game.

But what's the All-Star Game?
It's an exhibition basketball game that will be played today. It will be the 65th edition and it will be the first time that the game will be held outside the USA, that is, in Toronto(Canada).

Toronto is the most populous city in Canada, the provincial capital of Ontario. In 2011, Toronto had a population of 2,615,060,making it the fourth most populous city in North America, after Mexico City, New York City and Los Angeles.

martes, 9 de febrero de 2016


What does commuter mean?
Do you know what's the meaning of 'Day in day out'?
Are you or any of your family a commuter? 

'Day in day out'is a habitual action that we do everyday. In Spanish it means 'Un dia sí, otro no'.
A 'Commuter' is a person who travels everyday for going to work, school or university.

There are lots of people who spend about two hours in subways, trains, buses, bikes everyday. But there are also about 900,000 people called 'Supercommuters' who are on route for more than four hours. In my opinion it's very hard! You spend almost the same hours working than the hours you spend going to work.

I reckon this happens especially in cities, because I live in a village and I spend only ten minutes to go to school. However, I remember when I was in Bath that we spent more than an hour in the bus to go to the school.

martes, 2 de febrero de 2016



                                                                                                              34 Whitehouse Rd                                                                                                               Oxford OX5 55K
                                                                                                              31st January 2016

Peter Bridges
Starlight Café
54 Market St
Oxford OX4 35D

Dear Mr. Bridges,

I saw your advertisement for part-time staff in the local paper, 'The world' last Saturday and I am writing to apply for a job as a kitchen helper in your café "Starlight Café" on Oxford.

I am seventeen years old and I am a student at the Mediterranean Sea School! I am responsible, intelligent and very friendly. Most people that have tasted one of my dishes have said that I am very good at cooking. I have worked as a chef in a restaurant twice and as a kitchen helper in a bar, so I know how to do the work and I am used to teamwork.

At the moment, I am working in a post office. It's too small and a bit boring, so I want to change my job to do something more interesting that I really love. The earliest date I could start working at the Starlight Café is Friday, 12th February.

I am sending you my photo, and I look foward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

María José García.

domingo, 24 de enero de 2016


Antonio Banderas was born in 1960 in Malaga, Spain. Neither his mother nor his father was actors, but Antonio loved acting a lot. At the age of eighteen he moved to Madrid to become an actor. There, he acted in small theatres until he started in the world of cinema. His first role was in 1982, in a film directed by Pablo Almodóvar. I was called 'Laverinto de Pasiones'. Before getting married with Melanie Griffith, he had a relationship with the actress, Ana Laza, but finally they Split up. Melanie Griffith was born in 1957, in Nw York, USA. Her mother, Tippi Hedren was an actress. Melani, in her neraly forty years of career , has worked as a model and she's performed a good number of roles of supporting actress. Her first rolewas in 'La noche se mueve', in 1975. She was married with Dan Johnson twice, and she has a daughter with him. She was also married with Steven Bauer, who she had a son with, Alexander. Antonio and Melanie first met in 1995, in the filming of 'Two Much'. They got married in May,1996. This same year Stella del Carmen, their daughter, was born. They got divorced in 2014.

miércoles, 6 de enero de 2016



35 years have passed since the murder of John Lennon. This and all the gender-based violence cases we hear everyday on the news have reminded me of this beautiful song by John Lennon.

John Lennon was an English musician who became very famous as one of the members of the Beatles. He died on 8th December, 1980, when David Chapman shot him five times in the archway of the building where he lived, the Dakota building, in New York City.
That morning was very frantic for both John and her wife, Yoko Ono. It's because that morning they had attended journalists, they had been to the barber's and Anne Leibovitz did a photo shoot for him.
John and Ono were strolling to The Hit Factory. In the Dakota's archway, Chapman first saw Lennon and he showed him a copy of 'Double Fantasy' on which he wrote: John Lennon, 1980.
At 22.45h, Lennon and his wife arrived at the Dakota building by limousine.Chapman was waiting. Suddenly, he shot Lennon, killing him.

This ex-Beatle was reported dead at The Roosevelt hospital. He was forty years old. Ono didn't want to organize him a funeral.

I don't like John Lennon's songs very much, but the song I like the most is IMAGINE by John Lennon, obviously.



The piece of news says that Japanese whaling ships have departed for the Antartic hunt. They have resumed the programme after a year.
Japan says that they hunt whales for scientific research, which is one of the exception in which whaling hunt is allowed.
But in 2014, the International Court of Justice said its Antartic hunt wasn't scientific and it should finish.
Now, Japan is trying to show that there are lots of whales in the sea, and because of it, they don't mind hunting them.

I'm totally against it. I think this programme is inhuman and unsustainable and in my opinion, they don't use whales for scientist researches.

RESUME means 'Reanudar'.