domingo, 16 de octubre de 2016


Summer is time to have fun with your friends, to go out all the day, to do exercise or simply to relax while you read a book. In conclusion, summer is the time when we don't have to worry about anything. I reckon all summers are similar, that is to say, we usually do the same things, as going to the beach, to the swimming pool, etc. But this summer has had something different. A new game has been created and it's called 'Pokemon go'.

Resultado de imagen de IMAGENES POKEMON GOPokemon Go is about capturing Pokemons from your mobile phone. The innovation of this game is that you must walk to capture them, so Gamers have had to get up from their chairs and go out to play this game. There are also 'Pokeparadas' where you can find 'Pokeballs' and 'PokeGyms', where you can train your pokemon and be the King of the gym. I think there is one thing that none of my xclassmates has commented. It's that there are three teams: Mystic, which is the blue team. Instinct, which is the yellow team and finally, the read team which is called Team Valor. In my opinion, it's a great game and it's very funny. Lots of people say: What a boring game it is! Most people also say that we are wasting our time playing it, but I don't think so at all. Every Sunday in summer I went with my friends to the beach and we played Pokemon Go and I have to say that thanks to this game we have met a lot of new very nice people. In addition, there were many times when we were looking for certain pokemon and boys that had already found them told us where they were, so Pokemon Go players aren't a group of antisocial people. They are great people who love pokemon. However, there are people who are very crazy and they have died because of the game,as they wanted to capture them in dangerous places or they crossed a roadwithout looking.

In my opinion, this game became very popular as Youtubers played it. For example, LuzuGames, a youtuber who spent about 15 hours in the Pier of Santa Monica(The Angels)catching Magikarps to envolve them in a Gyarados. There are also another one who has lost weight, so that's another of its advantages. However, there are already some tricks like FAKE GPS, an app which is in the app store and which you can travel with around the world without leaving home.
Nowadays, the game isn’t as popular as before, so I don’t play it any longer, but there are still people who keep on playing. For example, yesterday evening I saw a group of children playing. I think I will always remember it!

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