domingo, 2 de octubre de 2016


                                                                                                         52 GRANADA STREET
                                                                                                          10th September, 2016

Dear Valeria,

                I'm writing to you because we haven't talked for ages. How are you in England? How are things there? I hope you're fine. The summer has already finished and classes are starting. How sad I feel! This summer has been amazing! In June, I went to Madrid with my family and we visited Madrid's most important places. In addition, we went to the Warner Bros, which is a theme park. We had a lot of fun there! The rest of the summer I have gone to the beach and to the swimming pool almost every day. I really love swimming. On the contrary, on winter I don't usually practice it.

               As I said before, on 15th September we are starting classes. I reckon this year I'm going to study more and I'm going to do all my homework, because I want to get high marks as I'm in 1º Bachillerato,  and I want to get the b2 in English and the b1 in French. However, I also want to go out with my friends in the afternoons. This year I'm going to start to do contemporary dancing which is another of my interests. I still don't know the timetable, but I think I will practice it twice a week. I real love dancing. For that reason I want to learn. I think it will be very funny since I will meet new people. Don't you think so?

                Apart from dancing and swimming, I have taken up other interests since you went to England, as going shopping or watching YouTube. I would say that the interest I like the most is watching videos in YouTube. I spend about three hours a day, listening to music or watching videos from youtubers like el Rubius, Auron Play, Wismichu, etc. I watch YouTube even if I'm having lunch. Do you know who the Rubius is, Valeria? He has over 20,000,000 subscribers. I don't know what else I can tell you. I hope you read this letter and, please, write me soon.


Maria Jose.

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