lunes, 19 de diciembre de 2016

Fighting for women's rights!!!!

Would we need an International Day to stop Violence Against Women if there wasn't any violence? Obviously not. According to Amnesty International, 1 in 3 women will be raped, abused or beaten in her lifetime. This is such a high figure as almost half of all women in the world could suffer this kind of violence. The day against gender violence is celebrated on 25th November, since in 1990 in Latin America three sisters were murdered by order of the dictator Leónidas, because they were against his dictatorship. Since then America has celebrated this day and some time later Europe also started to celebrate it. Every day we can see on the news girls who have been mistreated by their boyfriends or even, women who have been murdered by their husbands. Today lots of men treat women as they want. They say to them what they have to do, how they have to dress, who they can talk to or where they can or can't go. This is so terrible! The further we are from these people, the better for all of us. Currently, we carry on fighting for women's rights as, although there is much more equality between men and women, there is still some inequality. For instance, in a same work, men earn more money than women. Moreover, there are certain works that are exclusive for men, which I consider a nonsense.

Chapecoense: History of a tragedy and a miracle

Chapecoense, whose club's full name is Associação Chapecoense de Futebol, is a Brazilian football team which was founded in 1973. Chapecoense is based in the town of Chapeco in the State of Santa Catarina in the south of Brazil, approximately 450km from Port Alegre. The ACF won the state champioship, the Campeonato Catarinense, for the first time in 1972. It has won five state championships so far and they entered Brazil's top division, Serie A, for the first time in 2014. Last 28th November Chapecoense's football players and other staff were flying in a plane which suffered a terrible accident, as they had to play the final of the South American Coup. According to the UK Mirror, the plane crashed because of lack of fuel. However, the UK Daily Mail said that the cause of the plane crash is still undetermined. Telegraph said electrical problems might have caused the problem. Only five or six of eighty people survived to this tragedY, including some of the players. I reckon it's such a sad notice. However, everybody only talks of the tragedy since football players have died, but if there hadn't been a football team on the plane, no one would have spoken of this accident.