domingo, 16 de octubre de 2016


A 'YouTuber' is anyone who makes videos on YouTube, which is the most visited website in the world. However, we usually call 'Youtuber' to the person who has gaigned popularity from making videos on this platform, that is to say, who has lots of subscribers. So we can say that to being a YouTuber is a new profession.

This people start to upload videos for several reasons such as making money, becoming famous, transmitting knowledge or simply, having fun. The most famous youtubers started to upload videos years ago and didn't intend to make any money. They made videos to share them with their friends and to hang out, because they loved doing them. It was later when YouTube started to pay money to these people and actually, many people make videos only to make money.

On average, 85% of teenagers in Spain watch YouTube and most of them would like to meet their idolds. It isn't easy to find one in the Street, but it's not imposible, either. Last San Juan my friends and I met Zeus Santorini, who is a youtuber, and we took a photo with him. How fantastic it was!
Some of them, like Wismichu or AuronPlay organize shows around Spain. Others organize meetings and greet people in certain events or sign books since lots of them have already written a book.

'Clickbait' is a technique used by some Youtubers to have more visits. It consists in putting a tittle or a miniature misleading people to watch the video.

Resultado de imagen de wismichu auron etc

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