martes, 9 de febrero de 2016


What does commuter mean?
Do you know what's the meaning of 'Day in day out'?
Are you or any of your family a commuter? 

'Day in day out'is a habitual action that we do everyday. In Spanish it means 'Un dia sí, otro no'.
A 'Commuter' is a person who travels everyday for going to work, school or university.

There are lots of people who spend about two hours in subways, trains, buses, bikes everyday. But there are also about 900,000 people called 'Supercommuters' who are on route for more than four hours. In my opinion it's very hard! You spend almost the same hours working than the hours you spend going to work.

I reckon this happens especially in cities, because I live in a village and I spend only ten minutes to go to school. However, I remember when I was in Bath that we spent more than an hour in the bus to go to the school.

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