domingo, 24 de septiembre de 2017

What would you like your funeral to be like?

If I had to define what a funeral is, I would say that it's a traditional and usually sad ceremony in which the family of the person who has died gather to observe his corpse. Funerals have been done since ancient times, that is to say, for such a long time. They were done to remember and respect the dead and the family usually made them monuments, prayers, and rituals undertaken in their honor.

Although most people think about a funeral as a sad ceremony where all the relatives and friends of the dead arrive in black and take seats in a church, there are other fascinating funeral traditions from all around the world, in cities such as New Orleans, where funerals strike a unique balance between joy and grief or South Korea, where families usually opt for ashes in colours turquoise, pink, black,etc. However, the place where I love the funerals the most is Ireland, since instead of crying, they give a party to celebrate and share the moments they had lived with the dead. I'd prefer this kind of funeral to a Spanish one, as I would like that my relatives had a great time with music I used to listen to and things I used to do. I don't put up with funerals where all the people are crying. How depressing it is!

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