miércoles, 3 de mayo de 2017


My favourite TV programme is called "La Que se Avecina", which is a very popular comedy in all the country. It's shown on FDF everyday at noon and in the evening. This series is characterized by satirising with black humor the relationships between the neighbours of a community because of the surreal situations that happen to them. These difficult situations make their lives difficult and make the programme so funny.

"La Que se Avecina" premiered on 22nd April, 2007 with good audience records. Since then, there have been ten seasons and soon it will be its tenth anniversary. Currently, this TV programme is one of the most seen and longest run in Spain, only surpassed by "Tell me how it happened" and it has more and more audience.

The thing I like the least of this TV series is that many of the same episodes are repeated. I've seen one episode so many times that I can say it by heart. And the character who doesn´t convince me is "Doña Fina". She's an elderly woman who makes her neighbours' life impossible. For this reason, I don't like her at all, but I reckon that she's fundamental for the programme.

All in all, I'd recommend this comedy both for young people and adults as it's very funny, interesting and entertaining  to see the misfortunes that happen to the neighbours and watch how they try to solve them. Personally, I think that the actors that appear in the series are absolutely fantastic!

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