domingo, 24 de septiembre de 2017


Summer holidays are about to end. How sad it is to return to the routine again! This summer has been one of the best summers I remember since I've done lots of funny things.

I have spent most of my summer in my swimming pool where we sunbathe, relax or play with a ball or cards. In fact, I gave two parties in it where we had a lot of fun. Another thing I've done a lot this summer is going to the beach, since we went with our Molvizar's friends who have a car and in the evening, we used to eat a kebab in Salobreña. Moreover, this summer I had my hair cut as I had it too long and my parents wanted me to have it cut.

One of the days I've enjoyed the most this summer is when my friends and I went to Playa Granada to surf as there were too many waves, although we had never tried it. I have always wanted to go surfing. If you asked me what water sport I would like to take up, I'm sure I'll probably choose surfing. The other day I enjoyed the most was when I was with muy family in Cazorla, as we used to go there every summer since I was very little and I hadn't gone for about two years. It could be said that the camping where I used to go in Cazorla takes a big part of muy childhood. I have lots of great memories there, so it was very exciting to visit it once again. 

To sum up, I have done plenty of things this summer, except studying and advance work for the next school year. However, I've passed my Philosophy exam, so I can still rest for a few more days.

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