sábado, 18 de noviembre de 2017


The objective of this essay is to discuss the main causes of pollution. In the next paragraphs I'm going to write about one of the main causes which is the transport, the pollution in seas and rivers and the consequences for people.

It is an open secret that the transport is one of the main causes of pollution. Big cities like Madrid are places where pollution is more serious due to the large number of people who use the car everyday. This is why a lot of organizations organise protests, marches whose objetive is that people pay more attention to this issue.

There are a number of effects due to pollution like the damage to the environment and the rivers and seas are the most affected. This is because of the rubbish that people and factories throw which affect the life of animals and people.

In consequence when people go to the beach they can't swim because of the large amount of rubbish. Other consequence due to the transport is the air pollution that creates several illnesses.

To conclude, I think that we have to raise awareness and try to do something for changing these alarming problems, as it's our responsability and by the time we are old we will be able to say that we have looked after the planet.

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