domingo, 19 de febrero de 2017


If I won the lottery, I would feel very happy and excited, although it's a bit scary to think that you have such a lot of money as it's more likely to be robbed. However, we would also have more anti-theft security and it would be amazing to win the lottery since I have lots of ideas about how to spend it!

Now, I'm going to write about things I would do and things I wouldn't do if I won the lottery. On the one hand, I would pay for my parents'debts, as well as the mortgage. Then I would buy an expensive car for my parents and I would probably build a house in the middle of the field which is next to the river, as my mother has always wanted one. Then, I would buy lots of clothes and obviously, I'd save part of the money to pay for my studies. I would certainly buy a plane for myself, so I'd be able to travel around the world, which is my dream and I would take my father to see the Norwegian fjords. Finally, I'd give money to charity, that is to say, I'd give part of the money to people who really need it.

On the contrary, I wouldn't change my house as I love my village and my home and I want to be near my family and friends. I wouldn't spend my money on animals as my parents don't want me to bring them more animals home. Finally, one thing that I would never do if I won the lottery would be to boast about my money. In my opinion, the people who boast about having everything they want are pathetic.

I think winning a million euros would change a lot my life, as I would travel more and more, so I wouldn't be at home as much as before, and in consequence, I would probably lose my friends' relationship. In conclusion, although my life would be easier, I prefer my current life.

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