lunes, 30 de enero de 2017


I reckon most people have thought at least once in our lives what would happen if we could live for more than a hundred years. Some scientists think they will learn how to stop people growing older by the end of a decade and in consequence people would live an averange of 1,200 years.

 In my opinion that's so incredible and unimaginable. On the one hand, it would be amazing if I could live long enough as I would be able to do many more things, I would enjoy life, meet my descendants and know how the world would be like in such a long time.

 But in the other hand, it might could be a little boring to live a thousand years in the same planet, so in conclusion I wouldn't know how to do since I would be afraid to die , but it would be very strange to live until year 3,000.

 I think in the year 3,000 the world will be very different, just like year 1000 was very different from year 2,000. Surely, in year 3,000 cars will fly, men and women will be taller than now, and they will live an averange of 120 years, tecnology will be incredible, we just have to look how tecnology has advanced in the last 50 years, so in almost a thousand years, I can't imagine it!!

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