martes, 10 de noviembre de 2015


I live in a small village in the south of Spain, called Lobres. It's too different now from fifty years ago.
Lobres is bigger than fifteen years ago. There didn't use to be any buildings, there used to be old houses. Now, there are houses and some block of flats. There used to be a sugar factory near my village. Nowadays, it's an alcohol factory. There used to be just tracks, and the cattle moves on it. Now, there are cobbed streets, and it's very difficult to see any cattle around the village.There also used to be a bridge, which was destroyed by a flood. Today it's reformed, although it isn't so beautiful as the first one.

Transport is also different. My parents have told me that they used to use carriages to move from one place to another. Now, most people have cars, and we can also take the bus or a taxi. In fact, there didn't use to be a motorway near my village and now, there is one.

Fifty years ago there wasn't much to do in my village, but children had fun just with a stick and a Stone. On the contrary, children of these days have fun differently, mainly thanks to the advanced technologies. In Lobres, there isn't still much to do, except for our great park and our fantastic swimming pool.

In conclusión, life was quieter then, but in my opinión it's better now.

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  1. Inser the photos in the text. I think it would look much better. The title is My village now and 50 years ago.