miércoles, 21 de octubre de 2015


To begin with, I'm going to write about my image. In my opinion, I'm trendy. I almost always wear T-shirts and jeans that suit me, although I wear smart clothes on special ocassions like Christmas Eve or New Year. I sometimes wear make-up. However, I never wear a bracelet or a necklace.

What things do I love doing? I really love getting up late on Saturday and Sunday mornings. It's fantastic! I also love metting my friends at the wekend, and going shopping. The other thing I love is my mobile. I can't live without it! I really love taking photos of me and my friends.

On the contrary, there are also things that I hate. I hate studying and doing my homework, but I always do them, because I want to pass my exams. If I get good results, I get a university degree in some years. Because of it, I will win lots of money. An other thing that I really hate is boring people. When I'm with that kind of people I'm so bored that I'd just go to sleep.

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